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Frequently Asked Questions

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    • Disclosure the Buy Back guarantee is a service that Mountain State Home inspections offers with each home inspection done by us.

  • How long should a Inspection last?

    • Generally a home inspection takes about 3 hours to complete for a 2,000 square foot home. This can be shorter or longer depending on the age and condition of home. 

  • Do I need to be present for the Inspection?​

    • You do not have to attend the inspection. If you do decide to attend the inspection we’ll be happy to go over any specifics on site and show you in person any issues we may have come across. We are also available after the report is delivered to answer any questions you may have. ​

  • How Long before i will see my report?

    • Within 24-48 hours after the inspection is complete, Mountain State Home Inspections will provide the digitized, detailed report.

    • Our reports are meticulous and precise and therefore, long in order to deliver a comprehensive analysis of the property. We give special note on the items that need immediate attention; however, we also review and comment on the good components of the property. We want to ensure you have an inclusive and extensive report with which you can make an informed decision.

  • Can I just get a Home warranty instead of an Inspection?​

    • First understand that a home warrant doesn’t protect you from serious safety concerns. If your deck collapses during your barbecue (sadly more common than you’d expect), or you have a carbon monoxide leak or live electrical wire, it can be very dangerous or potentially deadly.

    • While most real-estate agents act ethically, agents who sell home warranties have a financial incentive to sell them, as well as don’t want to lose a sale if a major problem is revealed during an inspection. Further, if something major happens to your house, do you really want to hope that your warranty company will actually cover it or if they will push back because of the fine print?

    • For your own safety and financial security a home inspection is the prudent choice. A home warranty can always be added after an inspection as a supplement.

  • Do I really need to have the home tested for Radon?​

    • Colorado is considered a Zone 1 designation by the EPA for having the highest levels of radon in the US. Radon is present in 50% of untreated Colorado households at levels considered dangerous by the EPA (level > 4 pCi/L). If Radon is detected, mitigation systems are usually fairly affordable and involve improving ventilation of radon away from interior and towards a vent above the roof.

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  • Is the Inspector Certified and Insured?

    • Yes, your home inspector is an InterNACHI Certified Professional Home Inspector, with General liability and Errors and Omissions insurance to protect you and your home. We also take part in the interNACHI $10,000 guarantee. Contact us for more information.

  • What about Mold and Mold testing?​ 

    • Mold is a health hazard and should be a concern if during you initial review of the house indicates some concern.​ Having you inspector test for mold can alleviate those concerns.  

    • More information regarding Mold.

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