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*Standard home


**Price is base on Square Footage and age of home

Combo Package

*** $50 Savings ***

  • Standard Home Inspection*

  • 48 Hour Radon Test ($150 value)

  • Sewer Scope ($150 Value)


DEnver residential Rental Inspection

Limited mold

$295/with Home Inspection

$39 Mold Lab fee / sample

(2 samples are required: one mold test indoors and one outdoors as a control)

48 hour

radon testing



sewer scope

**Standard Home Inspection - Pricing is subject to age of home and Square Footage

We also offer the following ancillary services:

  • Winterize Sprinkler System (Blowout the sprinklers)

  • Handyman Services 

Asbestos Sampling


$29 Lab fee / sample

Sample number is determined when onsite based on condition of project

Volatile Organic Compounds


Infrared-Thermal Inspection


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