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Denver Residential Rental Compliance Inspections

Starting in 2024 All rental properties offered for rent 30 or more days must have a license to operate.

On January 18, 2022, the city of Denver released the licensing details for the Residential Rental Program (RRP) associated with the “Healthy Residents for All” ordinance passed by Denver City Council in March 2021. These included the inspection requirements , and compliance required for them. 

This ordinance requires the inspection and licensing of all rental units throughout the city of Denver and was implemented in a phased approach:

  • March 2022: Opt-In Early Licensing for single and Multi-Family - ENDED

  • January 2023: Multi-Family Rental Dwellings (REQUIRED) and discounted license for single family dwellings if completed in 2023 - ENDED

  • January 2024: Rental Dwelling Units- Example : Multi-Family Rental Dwellings, Single Family,  Condos, Townhomes, etc. - CURRENT

At Mountain State Home Inspections, LLC, we understand that having a rental property can be a major commitment. Working with Owners and landlords, We provide thorough inspections of the Denver Compliance requirements of the rental property to ensure that all the requirements are met. As a trained, certified and licensed professional with years of experience, who is dedicated to ensuring that every inspection is completed with the highest level of expertise and attention to detail.


National Association of Residential Property Managers

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Useful Information

  1. Applications for residential rental property licenses must be made within 90 days of a completed inspection to be considered valid regardless if it is non-compliant. 

  2. Re-inspections must be completed and submitted within one year of application

  3. Begin the online process even if you are not ready for inspection.

  4. City Links

    1. Inspection Checklist ( Latest Update 05.03.2023)

    2. Guidelines (Latest April 27 2023)

    3. Denver General Information Residential Rental Page

  5. Property owners/managers should note that if more than 90 days pass between an initial inspection and an application for a license, the original inspection will be invalidated and a new, full inspection will be required.

Top items that make a Rental Property Non-Compliant

Smoke Detectors

  • Smoke detectors in every bedroom

  • And each level of home.

  • Less than 10 years old. 

  • Battery Only operated require a 10 year lithium battery.

  • A Smoke detector outside of bedrooms but within 15 feet of doors.

Fire Extinguishers

Every single-family home must have at least one portable fire extinguisher, which should be located within 30 feet of the primary cooking equipment used in the home of any rating.

Every multi-family residential facility must have one or more portable fire extinguishers, regardless of any other type of fire protection provided. Fire extinguishers must be located within 75 feet of every unit entrance or one fire extinguisher should be provided to each unit.

CO Detectors

1 on Every Level and within 15 feet of bedroom entrances

Keyed Deadbolts on exit doors

Deadbolts cannot be keyed on inside of exit doors.

GFCI Outlets

Bathrooms must be equipped with GFCI PROTECTED outlets

Total Circuitry Limits; No Make-Shift Outlets; Wiring in Good Condition

This can include electrical panels, unsecured or unprotected wiring, exposed junction boxes, etc.

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Violation Notice

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